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Borrow with Wherry Dragon

When you borrow from the Credit Union you do so as an owner member. You are encouraged to save and then borrow only what you can afford to repay.


Only members may apply for a loan, which are granted for provident and productive purposes, such as payment towards a holiday, car or car maintenance, home improvements or a special event.


In the event of your death your loan will be paid off in full with our FREE Loan Protection Insurance (restrictions apply).

Click on the links below to find out more about the types of loan available


How much you can borrow is based on how much you currently have saved in your shares.

Applications are also subject to checks on affordability, identity and judgements.



Member Loans 

Borrow over terms up to 12 and 24 months. 

Member Plus Loans 

Borrow over terms up to 24 and 36 months

Loyalty Loans  

Borrow over any term up to 48 months

Affinity Loans 

Borrow over any term up to 60 months



If you are not currently a member of Wherry Dragon Credit Union you can still apply to save and borrow with us with either our new employee or seasonal loans. 

Borrow £300-£500 over 12 months

Once this loan is repaid you can then apply for one of our personal loans described above

Apply online via the links below

How Do Our Loans Compare with other Lenders?

Our loan comparison tables below show how borrowing with Wherry Dragon Credit Union can save you money when compared with the same loan taken with a different finance provider.

2500 loan comparison.png
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