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Save with Wherry Dragon Credit Union

As well as earning you a highly-competitive annual dividend, saving money regularly helps prepare you for the unexpected and allows you to be in control of your money. Wherry Dragon Credit Union offers a convenient, friendly and safe way of saving regularly, from a minimum of £10 per month (or £2.50 per week), whatever you can afford, up to total savings of £25,000.



Every year since 1997 our savers have reaped a dividend. We cannot guarantee a dividend but so long as we continue growing and our accounts remain healthy then we can maintain an annual return.


Free Life Insurance* (ages 18-80)

Leave your loved ones a cash lump sum up to £5,000. Every account comes with free life insurance, which is paid for by Wherry Dragon Credit Union. If you died your nominated beneficiary will receive any savings plus an additional life insurance payment, based upon your savings. *Terms and conditions apply


Credit Unions are registered under the 1979 Credit Union Act and your savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Payroll Deduction

As your payment is deducted before your money goes into your bank, you don’t feel the impact but you get the benefit of building up your personal wealth.

Easy Access

You can withdraw your shares at any time with quick and easy access by BACS transfer. Just complete a share withdrawal form giving us 7 days notice.

Low-Cost Loan

As an alternative to share withdrawal, you could instead take out a personal loan allowing you to keep your savings balance intact.

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