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Become a member

Wherry Dragon Credit Union is a successful not-for-profit mutual financial co-operative. This means that unlike banks, we are owned by our members who have an equal voice in matters that affect the credit union.


As a member you share in the success by payment of a DIVIDEND on your average savings balance over the financial year (October to September). We are proud that we have paid a dividend every year since 1997.


To qualify for membership of Wherry Dragon Credit Union and access our exclusive savings and loan products,

you must currently be in receipt of a continuing and contractual payment,

arising from employment by one of our Employer Partners -


  • Norwich City Council

  • Norfolk County Council


  • Independence Matters and Home Support Matters

  • Broads Authority


Family members who live in the same household as an existing member of Wherry Dragon Credit Union are also eligible to join Wherry Dragon Credit Union.  


Each Employer Partner deducts money from your wages/salary each payday, making saving and building personal wealth easier. Every member of our Credit Union is a saver, from those putting a little bit away each month while repaying their loan, to those saving up for a dream holiday.

Please see our video below explaining some of the benefits of joining:

Join for just £1

Just complete the Membership Application Form and send it back to us.

Or contact us directly if you wish to discuss your application.

The £1 joining fee is taken out of your first deduction.

As a member, you become a co-shareholder in the Credit Union. You have a vote and an equal say in the running of the Credit Union, and you can also stand for election at the AGM to be on one of the committees.

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