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Revolving Credit

Apply for a credit limit of £2,000 - £6,000

When you have established a sound saving and borrowing history, you may wish to apply for revolving credit.

In exchange for a commitment to save an agreed regular amount, the Credit Union will agree a credit limit which is automatically approved. Credit Limits are on a banding system based on savings held.

Your initial request must be made by contacting the office by telephone or email. Once your agreement has been approved, you can download a Revolving Credit Application Form to request an advance at any time, without the need to complete

a formal loan agreement. This advance will be issued automatically providing it does not take you over your limit.


You must have been a member for at least 24 months.

You must not have missed a repayment on a previous loan.

The repayment period will be 24 to 36 months depending on the credit limit.

You must save £10 a month or more on top of your loan repayment.

Your revolving credit terms will be reviewed every 18 months.


• Free Loan Protection

• Free Life Savings Coverage

• Fixed interest rate of 12.68% APR

• Your savings grow as you repay the loan

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